How to Plan a Stress-Free Move to a New Home?

Shifting a home is never easy. We know moving day is chaotic. After all, who wants to ruin a weekend just to lift heavy boxes but there are few things that can make the daunting experience stress-free. Therefore, before you break down in the heap of dust and piles of cartons, check our pro tips to help alleviate the pain.

Schedule Your Move Strategically

Once you have decided to move into a new home, give yourself ample time to decide and organize. You can start by hiring a professional company to plan your shifting by bringing in packaging materials ahead of time. As soon as you get a few spare hours, you can start packing items that you do not use regularly. Create an inventory of all your belongings and make a list of fragile items and cover the edges of furniture to avoid any scratches or dents.

Take the right materials along

Moving home is the best time to get rid of anything that you have not used or have no plan to use in near future. The less you have to take with you, the better it is for you. However, it does not mean to mishandle your belongings. You must have a clear estimate of the number and sizes of boxes you need. Along with these boxes, you need to have tape and bubble wrap for the move. Moreover, take care of your fragile items, fasten the drawers and doors of the wardrobes and dressers using the right adhesive materials.

Pack non-essentials first

When you have spare time and think to start packing your stuff, do not just start boxing up everything in sight. Pack up your belongings in a strategic manner. Go room by room and start packing up items that you do not use often like decor and accessories. Leave the things that you frequently use for last. This will save you time scouring boxes you already packed for that essential item you immediately need after shifting.

Watch the weight of your boxes

Be careful not to pack too much in a box. Not only will they be literal pain during the shifting but will also be hard to dig through the entire box to find out any essential item. As a rule of thumb; try to pack 30 pounds maximum in each box and when it comes to packing heavier items like books – use smaller boxes.

Set your appliances in advance

Always plan in advance when it comes to setting up your appliances. For instance, your fridge needs to be kept standing for 24 hours before switching it on. Moreover, other

appliances like microwave, washing machine and blender need to be turned off, cleaned and be placed in the new home. Secure their cords and seal their doors so that they don’t open accidentally inside the truck.

Are you planning to move recently or have you already moved? What moving tips can you share with our readers from your experience?

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