Warda Hamna Residencia 3

In continuation of this passion to deliver world-class residence facilities, we are proudly announcing “Warda Hamna Residencia-3”.

Based on the Moroccan architecture, this apartment building project will prove to be a living landmarks of Islamabad.

About Warda Hamna

Warda Hamna Residencia Complex is a residential apartments project designed and built only for peaceful and safe family residence in Islamabad.

The first building (WHR1) was completed in March, 2013 and delivered one quarter earlier to the booking holders. The second building (WHR2) was completed and handed over in October 2017, which is earlier than to the commitment made to booking-holders.

WHR 3 completed in December 2020!

Construction progress

  • Completed100%

Available Options

2 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony2, 3, 4, 10, 11 & 121620 ft²
2 Bedroom Apartment with 2 Balconies1 & 131680 ft²
3 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony6, 7 & 81950 ft²
3 Bedroom Apartment with 3 Balconies5 & 92010 ft²
4 Bedroom Apartment with Balcony142104 ft²

More info at +92 (0)334 555 6677

New luxury apartments available now for installments in Islamabad. Warda hamna 3 is the latest project under the Warda Hamna Residencia Complex. Visit G11 now to experience Warda Hamna 1 and 2 and Book your new home in Islamabad in Warda Hamna 3.